Fifty-four poets walk into a bar...* 

the humor issue :: volume III issue 2:: winter 2008-09  


Two live ones arm wrestle two dead ones over what should or should not be deemed 'funny':  

Renee Ashley on"An Aesthetic of Anomoly: Edward Taylor's 'Preface' to his 'Gods Determinations', My Mother and the Trolley, and Some Thoughts on Involuntary Comedy"

Moira Richards on John Davies' poem, "O'er those fair Alps, thy breasts (that naked lie....)"


Three eavesdrop on the barflies and take notes:

Diego Báez scribbles something on a napkin about Drift & Pulse by Kathleen Halme and The Dazzling Land by Brigitte Byrd

Tom Hunley buys a round for Recycle Suburbia by Dan Nowak,The Bird Hoverer by Aaron Belz, and Sudden Anthem by Matthew Guenette

Mari Stanley finds Superman: The Chapbook by Dorianne Laux and At the Drive-In Volcano by Aimee Nezhukumatathil on the counter beneath a large paperweight that looks suspiciously like a cross between kryptonite and basalt.  


Forty-one sign up for the open mic:

  1. Malaika King Albrecht
  2. Sherman Alexie
  3. Lavina Blossom
  4. Deborah Bogen
  5. Jason Bredle
  6. Patrick Carrington
  7. Alex Cigale
  8. Maryann Corbett
  9. Chella Courington
  10. Barbara Crooker
  11. Carol Dorf
  12. R.S. Dunn
  13. Tim Earley
  14. Kate Fetherston
  15. Ann Fisher-Wirth
  16. Richard Garcia
  17. David Graham
  18. Alex Grant
  19. Matthew Henrickson
  20. Paul Hostovsky
  21. Luisa Igloria
  22. Roy Jacobstein
  23. Julie Kane
  24. Janet Kirchheimer
  25. Judy Kronenfeld
  26. Robert Krut
  27. Haley Lasché
  28. Wayne Lee
  29. Paul Lieber
  30. Sarah Maclay
  31. Holaday Mason
  32. Ann E. Michael
  33. Jessy Randall
  34. Penelope Scambly Schott
  35. Marian Kaplun Shapiro
  36. Martha Silano
  37. J.D. Smith
  38. Jon Stone
  39. Marilyn L. Taylor
  40. Charles Harper Webb
  41. Katherine Williams 

*The last one ducks.