Volume IV Issue 1 - Summer/Fall 2009

The Gender Issue


[Rane Arroyo] 
[Tony Barnstone
[Michelle Bitting] 
[Deborah Bogen
[David Brennan] 
[Kathryn Stripling Byer] 
[Cathleen Calbert] 
[Robin Chapman] 
[Sherry Chandler] 
[Ching-In Chen]   
[Patricia Fargnoli] 
[Kate Fetherston] 
[Ann Fisher-Wirth] 
[Jeannine Hall Gailey] 
[Richard Garcia] 
[Jules Gibbs] 
[Alex Grant
[Matthew Guenette] 
[Bernard Henrie] 
[Jaimee Hills] 
[Paul Hostovsky]
[Andy Jackson] 
[Roy Jacobstein
[Judith Kerman
[Jeffrey Ethan Lee
[Paul Lieber]
[Diane Lockward] 
[Djelloul Marbrook]
[Stephanie Martz] 
[Frances Ruhlen McConnel 
[Ashley Nissler]
[Ruth Nolan] 
[Andrea O’Brien] 
[William Palmer] 
[Stephany Prodromides
[Jendi Reiter] 
[Diane Seuss] 
[Jennifer Sweeney
[Jeanne Wagner
[Davi Walders
[Lafayette Wattles] 
[Wendy Vardaman] 
[Charles Harper Webb] 
[Hilda Weiss] 
[Laura Madeline Wiseman]

[And the Winner of the Mystery Box Contest...] 


[Cindy McMann interviews beat poet Mary Norbert Korte]
[Kimberly L Becker interviews novelist and poet Kate Evans]


["Ken and I Were Dykes" by Elliott batTzedek]
["Not So Gay at the YMCA" by Jo Scott-Coe]
["H.D. and 'The Disease to Please" by Gary Lehmann]

Book Reviews

[Chella Courington reviews Oneiromance by Kathleen Rooney]
[Brent Fisk reviews Light Lowering in Diminished Sevenths by Judy Kronenfeld]
[Jeannine Hall Gailey reviews Letters to the World: Poems from the Women's Poetry Listserv, edited by Moira Richards, Rosemary Starace, and Lesley Wheeler]
[Tom Hunley reviews Manthology: Poems on the Male Experience, edited by Craig Crist-Evans, Kate Fetherston, and Roger Weingarten)]


[Editor's Note]