Sean Braune

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Organ Dancer

Easier etiquette
The Abrupt lumen
demon is Shyness,
a stone
a Step built on a step to
a Banquet—
progress to the morning
          Gallerias of dead stones
are Egos
with Eye wings
Needlessly dead
New knell

She says: my next book
         will be called “witness”

Then churn

Debate the
other bodies
Embolden gatherings
with ten truckloads of sawdust
life’s a damp churn
We have cultures
          and damp muscles

Build sinuous tendons
To tenuous temperance
Recall: sinews respire
This Blanket-hole sunday
Recline to new balance
Then in the vain attempt
I see your abdomen
balance razorblades

a wet room geography
Supports other bodies
bid the
Secret flicker
The exhaustion
of Processual

consolidate criminality
it’s everywhere today

Lightly rot the gall
and the wasted fortune

perspective crimes
          social constructs
then settle and churn our
roiling stomach

Bury the residue
In the boxcar

Hide the misplacement
Of silence
Burglaries, Victimization and Justice
These are our Strategic roles
I have One hundred apologies
on this, the loveliest night

You paint your thighs with crackle

The patreon is an organ

A dead ship
new political system
number large databases
with data

It’s A mortuary
A revel
A Borderline
A protection of victims

Breathe in captivity

Death is concrete
is entrenches
—organized crime

And cellular sheaths
Erode steel helmeted

We are Visibly lascivious
Then wear the
Lacquer Lophornis

Florid dreams,

Inspire Subtlety

the entropy of mindfulness

uneasily winds
alteration, this gall
the sails
the tourniquet
the burden

          your words


Sean Braune’s first book of philosophy, Language Parasites: Of Phorontology, appeared in 2017 from Punctum Books. His poetry has appeared in ditch, The Puritan, Rampike, Poetry is Dead, and elsewhere. His first poetry chapbook, the vitamins of an alphabet, appeared in 2016 from above/ground press.