Jason Christie

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glass language (excerpt)
and We get quiet pretending,
We get
avant and
days Unbegun
upthrust rain cresting ground
where we inlet each grey day
of necessity, we knew you when
12/10/14 click
hey, Emmett Starts daycare
all little voice and
I'll fog off with
Affection: i like the phone
patient, happy, and Unbegun
I plummet into
01/22/16 like a doomed
catalogue of doors, a
parcel of land I travelled
along over words in
The soil of Scotland

A morning but i grass ago
you alone strewn
in Headphones
All Series face
we cry follow as
a life, always seemed
rent inert, i reached for
accomplishments that
start every path with:
he crawled, stood, him
our other alien, our kids

kindness is a child full of
packed weather
in a tide he calls joy a rock

we coalesce, he coalesces
coffee inside
thoughts disappear within

moments, under-currents
and fingers aghast, water for
politics, children lost in winter

i'm where Poetry clouds that which
melts into whatever is there
Behind the now -- 04/20/15 and i
and our night we cement
with early coffee
stitching after a thread

property maths heady
awakening shunt either
tightening economics to you,
or glass, light friend of
everything else stuck by
Windows, some things
Flakes, kid, pain, our's was
a wood Themed aesthetic or
Early bathroom light
outside to calculate
what a kitchen costs

wonderful eyes click
timber chains
shovel grater today
room and a night
Spectacle, this
peace, and rain
use? Charged,
Canted, retract chest
Our becoming music
the wind reading, digital
water your clout rank
thoth-shaped or ring
inside, moon or toddler
Folding, say to it,
in whatever frosty form:
kitchen never twitter,

Yearning unhinged Windows
means night without
Self, without light, a book full


Jason Christie is the author of Canada Post (Snare), i-ROBOT (Edge/Tesseract), Unknown Actor (Insomniac), and a co-editor of Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry (Mercury). He has five chapbooks from above/ground press, including: The Charm (2015), and random_lines = random.choice (2017). His next book will be published in the Spring of 2019. He is currently writing poetry about (being) objects, and exaltation.