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Entries in Asian Pacific American (APA) poetry (1)


Special Guest-Edited APA Issue - Deadline May 31, 2016!

Submission Guidelines: Asian Pacific American Issue

Guest Edited by Angela Ina Penaredondo and Kenji Liu

Winners of the Inlandia Institute's 2015 Hillary Gravendyk Prize

Please read the following guidelines carefully.


Poemeleon is now open for submissions for a special guest-edited Asian Pacific American (APA) issue:

From #blacklivesmatter to #modelminoritymutiny to #actualasianpoets, recent times have been ripe with reasons for Asian Pacific American (APA) poets to make sure their voices are not just heard but felt—enough to cause significant ripples in the spheres of citizenship and consciousness. At the same time, Asians have been in North America since the 16th century—living, writing, experimenting, (re)inventing for and of themselves—drawing from a myriad of histories, languages, and aesthetics that both divide and unite.

For this special issue of Poemeleon with guest editors Kenji C. Liu and Angela Penaredondo, we are seeking poetry (text and visual) from APA poets that comes from a variety of styles, modes, structures, dreams, and spaces. Send us your best work. We want to celebrate and make it visible, allow it to reverberate across borders as it should!

Deadline for this issue: May 31, 2016

Expect a response within 1 - 3 months after close of submissions. If you have not heard from us after this time period please feel free to inquire.

(Editor's note: We seem to be running longer and longer on response times; please don't take this as a sign that we don't like your work - take it as a sign that the editor is overworked. This journal is a labor of love, and as such, sometimes has to make way for other things. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.)

The details:

- Please submit 1 to 5 poems, 1 craft essay,  and/or 1 book review, using the forms below.

- Please include a brief third-person bio in your cover letter.

- Simultaneous submissions are fine as long as we are notified promptly when work is accepted elsewhere, but please no multiple submissions. The only exceptions to this rule is if you are submitting both poems and an essay, or both an essay and a book review, or both poems and a book review.

- Previously published is also fine, as long as it was in print, not online, and as long as you as the author retain all copyright. Because we strive to be the first online publisher of your work, if it has appeared anywhere that is publicly accessible on the web (including on your blog) then it is considered previously published. Please feel free to contact us and we will provide clarification on a case-by-case basis.

- We acquire one-time, non-exclusive rights to publish your work, at which time all rights revert back to you as the author. If we should ever decide to create a print anthology and would like to include your work, we will contact you.

- If accepted for inclusion you may be asked to provide a brief contributor's statement. (See past issues for examples of what we mean.)

- Please note that we are a non-paying market.

- No snail mail submissions. All submissions must come through our online submissions manager.


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