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Habitual Poet: Margo Roby, What I Do On My Summer Vacation, My Steno Notebook Contents

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Hi Cati,

Thank you for this. Although, I did discover how creatively and technologically challenged I am, when I could neither make an ecard work, nor create my first ever power point [which looks like it might be fun].

My Summer Steno Notebook Contents

We're on the road, I-85, Atlanta to New Orleans
and beignets and exotic drinks and oysters, and more oysters.
I research dog days, buzzards, and wild turkeys, on the I-pad,
for poems I am working on for upcoming prompts.

Next Starbucks, Mobile.

In New Orleans strolling the French Quarter...
Plaque in store:
Drove my Chevy
to the levee
but the levee
was gone.
I make notes for a then and now poem. I remember then.

We're on I-10 heading for San Antonio. I plot the next
Starbucks, Lafayette, or Beaumont? I take notes on what I see
as we drive. The water in the bayous is lower this year.

San Antonio. We stop here, stay a while, visit family,
babysit our new grand-daughter. I go through my notes,
work on a couple of poems. Mostly, I rehearse reading poems
and what I am going to say about my mentor, Jack Penha,
at Origami Poetry Project's 3rd anniversary celebration
the 24th of June. I try not to think about audiences as I rough out
'what I wrote on my vacation,' for Poemeleon's Blog.

July 2nd, I head for Walnut Creek, California, and my
mother, a month and a place where I can unformat myself.
I write poems for The Sunday Whirl, as I do every week.
It's good practice, a muscle stretcher.

I consider my poetry, go through my notebook –
it settles me while my brain takes stock.
I decide which poems to develop,
which need revision,
where I will submit what,
and dream about a chapbook.

Regards and a lovely summer to you and everyone who works on Poemeleon -- margo roby

ketchup from a quarter pounder with cheese


Margo Roby spent the first twenty years of her life in Hong Kong, where her parents met and married and stayed. She spent the second twenty years of her life following her army husband around the world with their two children. The second twenty overlapped with the third by two years. Her husband’s last posting was Jakarta, Indonesia and when he retired he joined her teaching at the international school. She lived there twenty years. Now she is living in Atlanta. Her husband still teaches at the international school and she retired from teaching, so she can now concentrate her energy her poetry. Her words can be found here: http://margoroby.wordpress.com 




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