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Dear Readers:

In the interest of consolodation, ease of navigation, and my own belief that simpler is better, I have decided to move Poemeleon: The Blog over to the Poemeleon website and will be consolidating the NewsBlog with The Blog, all in the interest of efficiency and in concert with some other organizational changes we've made. Bear with us while we continue to streamline our operation.

The old NewsBlog will remain archived on the site indefinitely; look for a link on The Blog's index page. Any new entries for the NewsBlog will appear on The Blog under the NewsBlog category heading.


The Editors


West Hollywood Book Fair tomorrow, October 4th, 3-4 pm

Come by and listen to Michelle Bitting, Ching-In Chen, Chella Courington, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Robert Krut, and Paul Lieber, 3 -4 pm, the Lounge Stage.

For more information visit the WeHoBookFair website at or click this link to download a PDF of the flyer for our event.

See you there!


Mystery Box Contest Poll Posted

Dear Readers,

The 3d Mystery Box Contest is closed to entries, but the POLL has now been POSTED over at Poemeleon: The Blog. Please take a moment to drop by and vote for favorite entry. And watch the next Mystery Box, coming soon.

Cati Porter, editor


Recent Habitual Poets

If you haven't been keeping up, please visit Poemeleon: The Blog to read the latest installments of our new contributor interview series, The Habitual Poet. Recent interviewees include:

Catherine Daly * Ann E. Michael * Alex Grant * Christina Lovin * Diane Seuss * Lucia Galloway * Janice Soderling

Coming in the month of September:

Martha Silano * Barbara Crooker * Deborah Bogen * Charles Harper Webb & More!

Visit often to read the latest interviews and get updates on the various goings-on at Poemeleon.


The Habitual Poet: Jendi Reiter

Installment #2 of the The Habitual Poet contributor interview series has just gone live at Poemeleon: The Blog

Featuring Jendi Reiter today!

Watch for upcoming interviews with Catherine Daly & Alex Grant.