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The Great Big (and we mean REALLY big!) Poetry Giveaway

 Happy National Poetry Month 2011!


Once again we at Poemeleon are participating in the great Poetry Book Giveaway initiated by poet & editor Kelli Russell Agodon over at her blog, The Book of Kells.

We believe there is no better way to get to know what other poets are doing and loving about and with poetry than to read and share the love. That said, this year, we are very excited to be able offer NINE books for our giveaway, as well as to share links to other Poemeleon contributors who are participating in this fabulous event.

Some of our contributor's have generously donated books for our giveaway. The contributors' books  that are up for grabs are:


Jules Gibbs



Judith Terzi


Sarah Maclay


Luisa Igloria

And from our Editors...


Tom C. Hunley’s Greatest Hits

(no image available - sorry!)


Ren Powell

Judy Kronenfeld


Maureen Alsop

(Could be this book, or one of her chapbooks - which book it is will be a surprise!)



Cati Porter, either Seven Floors Up OR my latest chapbook, (al)most delicious - your choice!

Also, here is a list of Poemeleon contributors who are participating in the giveaway. Please visit their blogs and comment for a chance to win one of their books:

Jessie Carty
Jeannine Hall Gailey
Laura Madeline Wiseman
Lois Marie Harrod
Amy Watkins
Martha Silano
Djelloul Marbrook
Sherry Chandler
Iris Jamahl Dunkle
*Luisa Igloria

* Luisa Igloria is participating both here and on her blog. FYI, I am also participating on my personal blog, as is Ren Powell.

(Check back periodically as I will occasionally add names to this list.)

We at Poemeleon hope you are making the most of NaPoMo (aka NaPoWriMo for those of us participating in any number of the poem-a-day challenges going on).

***Please leave a comment below for a chance to win one of the above books. We love our readers and want to reward you for loving us back!***

Happy Poeming!


The Habitual Poet: Sherry Chandler

Installment #55

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The Habitual Poet: Laura Madeline Wiseman

Installment #54

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The Habitual Poet: Michaela A. Gabriel 

Installment #53

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New Publication by Associate Editor Ren Powell

New! From Poemeleon's very own Ren Powell, the just released

Mercy Island: New and Selected Poems.

From the publisher:

These forty-one poems, written by Ren Powell between 1998 and 2010, depict a coming of age that begins in a claustrophobic American trailer park and expands into the kind of borderless existence shared by all emigrants and homesick travelers.

Throughout this journey, the poet’s fears—which are the fears we all harbor—are balanced by her unflinching witness to what is real, just, true, and beautiful. Even in the face of pain and disintegration, the poet refuses to relinquish her humor or her humanity.

More praise for Mercy Island from Poemeleon contributor and past Poet Laureate of New Hampshire Patricia Fargnoli:

Ren Powell takes the world in whole, ‘negotiates a new language,’ and gives it back to us in all its terror, strangeness, pain and beauty. Many of these poems read like fable: a woman with a gown of eggshells, a stone turtle that captures the essence of a childhood. Other poems testify to the resilience of the human spirit even after the unspeakable happens. I loved these poems for the freshness of the language, for their deep truths and most of all for their compassion.

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