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Announcing the launch of our new quarterly reading series, LitLandia!

Join us for the first installment of LitLandia! Saturday June 14, 2012, 1:30 pm. See you then!


Write to us! Where are you writing this summer?

Dear Poemeleon Readers & Contributors,

Where are you writing this summer? Are you heading off for an exotic vacation? To a writer's retreat? Or is it a "staycation", a work-at-home-and-finish-that-manuscript kind of summer?

Wherever it is that you are, or plan to be, write to us! Send us a postcard! Or a photograph! Tell us three things:

1.) Where you are; 2.) What you're doing there; & 3.) A little bit about what you're writing (or plan to write).

This can written in verse, or prose, or a combination, and can be combined with (or consist solely of) images, or sketches, or blotches of ketchup, or whatnot. However you choose to accomplish your correspondence is up to you. All we really want is to get some mail! So write to us! Pretty please? (But just so you don't all have to spend a fortune on postage, *digital copies are preferred.)

Send your electronic whatevers to editor@poemeleon.org.


Cati Porter, editor


*If you really really want to send it snail mail, send me an email and I'll give you an address.


News: Best New Poets Nominees!

Poemeleon is pleased to announce it's nominees for this year's Best New Poets anthology:


Frankie Drayus, "To have, to hold"

Jeff Oaks, "Saint Wrench"


Both poets are from the Open Issue.


Congratulations, and good luck!


Poetry of the 6th Dimension: Workshop by Pomeleon Poetry Editor Maureen Alsop

One of Poemeleon's longest-standing associate editors, Maureen Alsop, who's own poetry is literally stunningly beautiful and affecting to the core, will be teaching a poetry workshop called "Poetry of the 6th Dimension" through The Rooster Moans, a poetry cooperative whose teaching artists design their own innovative curriculum.

About this workshop:

“Touch has the upper hand, the pavilion, an internal sense or the body itself, closes its veil as the body does its skin,” writes Michel Serres. Be ready to engage a full embodiment of poetic response, moving across multiple dimensions of written expression, summoning language from the vastness of your inner and outer worlds, experience imagination reaching beyond the cerebral and into the sensory. This workshop will be designed for those who are not afraid to take poems off the page either developing a new format for previously written work, collaborating with others (in or out) of the workshop, and honoring the sacredness of the body-temple as a tool for exploration into transcendental realms of visual, audio and of course written expressions of poetic form.

Registration is a suggested $100. There are only 12 spots available. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.

Click here to register.


Contributor News/Event: Michelle Bitting, Sarah Maclay

Congratulations to Michelle Bitting on the publication of her prize-winning book of poems, Notes to the Beloved! Come help her celebrate and listen to some awesome poetry by Michelle along with Sarah Maclay, Holiday Reinhorn and Kris Saknussemm. See the flyer below for more info.