Mg Roberts

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small layers
perpetuate based on branch,
surface, fall

                                                                                                   a compass will
                                                                                         always point to angles of
                                                                                         force and direction

plates of skin
to petal this moment

                                                                                        where residuals of house
                                                                                        gradually form historic

create suture marks left of           like cracked                      tendon

real-time of fossils,
sand, turn preserved remains

                                                weight                               skins of page

scale                                         bearing                             artificial situations of


to dislodge index                       con(ver)gent

sentences gesture


historical fossil

                                               house geography

                                                                                         syntactic structures

                                                                                 slip under, fall over


magnified by degrees of            silence



little actually fits together


Don’t count your jaspers before they hatch
avoid being scattered by constellation

the sky is the sky is the sky the sky is the
sky is the sky the sky is the sky is the sky    a map
the sky is the sky is the sky is the sky the
sky is the sky is the sky the sky is the sky
the sky the sky is the sky is the sky is the    is
sky the sky is the sky is the sky the sky is
the sky is the sky the sky is the sky is the    rusting each part of the day

passing vowels
each word blowing back,
a sequence of bent points

                                                                everything is made of

a violet shape
obliged to carry                                         burnt directions

One branch scrapes against another then another and another until there are no more trees

                                                               a magnification

of allowance
needing to                                               underline,

track prepositions
as a means to emplace
trust for                                                 connection
house branch as
respect to compass                                 until
No one believes in trees or the stars
accidents contract over
barren landscape                                    eye-fall end up everywhere

One nothing scrapes against nothing then nothing and nothing until there is nothing

a set of materials that
shifts, parrots stone


Mg Roberts is currently co-editing the anthology Responses, New Writing, Flesh with Bhanu Kapil and Ronaldo V. Wilson on the urgency of avant-garde writing written for and by writers of color to be published by Nightboat Books. She is the author of not so, sea (Durga Press) and her second collection Anemal Uter Meck was published by Black Radish Books in February 2017. Her poems and visual art appear in Smarginature, Web Conjunctions, Art Practical, Dusie’s Asian Anglophone Edition, and elsewhere. She’s a Kelsey Street Press member, the Northern California Kundiman co-chair, and sits on the board of Small Press Traffic, a San Francisco non-profit providing a local and national platform for underserved writers. She lives in Oakland with her three daughters, two hens, Goldendoodle, and geologist husband.