The Epistolary Issue - Volume VI Issue 1

Summer 2012


Dear Readers,

You are cordially invited to peruse this, Poemeleon's eleventh issue. Dedicated to epistolary poetry, it features work that uses the form of a letter or a personal address as its primary mode of expression, including:

- Several correspondences between or about poets in regard to whole collections of poetry, including Tom Hunley & Amy Newman's discussion of Newman's epistolary poetry collection, Dear Editor; Maureen Alsop's exposition on the merits of Amy King's I Want to Make You Safe and Nick Courtright's Punchline; Stacia M. Fleegal's open letter imploring you, dear Reader, to engage with Stephanie Goehring & Jeff Griffin's I Miss You Very Much;

- The compelling letter-essay from Ann Batchelor Hursey to the long-deceased Virginia Woolf;

- An intriguing craft essay that explores the relationship between interior design and the building of a poetry manuscript, James Cihlar's "Poem Improvement:A Blueprint for Building a Manuscript";

And, of course, the epistolary poetry of thirty-five poets, specifically:

Scott Beal

Deborah Bogen

Allen Braden

Robin Chapman

Laura Chalar

William Cordeiro

Barbara Lydecker Crane

Anthony Frame

Lucia Galloway

Lené Gary

Karen Greenbaum-Maya

Maryanne Hannan

Dolores Hayden

Lowell Jaeger

Kathleen Kirk

Ellen Kombiyil

W.F. Lantry

Kathleen Lynch

Leigh Mackelvey

Frances Ruhlen McConnel

Richard Merelman

Susan Laughter Meyers

Ann E. Michael

Leah Mooney

Robbi Nester

Shelley Puhak

Greg Rappleye

Susan Rooke

Maurya Simon

Julie Stuckey

Jennifer Tamayo

Judith Terzi

Karrie Waarala

Karen J. Weyant

Ellen Wright

We hope that you find much to enjoy within these pages, and hope you can forgive the fact that this, Poemeleon's "summer" issue, is launching on the Autumnal Equinox. But from where I am sitting in sunny Southern California, it is still summer outisde, and summer in my heart, at least until the cool winds start to blow.


 Cati Porter

On behalf of the editorial staff