Barbara Taylor & Moira Richards

"Silvery Streaks"  was a pleasurable adventure for me,  my first rengay as I enter my 60th year! The rengay, a 6-link collaborative poem by 2 poets (or more), was invented in 1992 by Garry Gay, USA. Each haiku verse responds in some way by contrast or by association to the verse that precedes it. These are the shifts and leaps, the links that produce the whole poem with an overall theme. Each stanza is composed in the form of a 3-line (haiku) verse or a 2-line (haiku-like) verse. Acceptance of links is controlled by the participating poets. Creating with this form has been inspiring and challenging. Collaboration can be very stimulating and I highly recommend it. I hope to produce many more. Connecting and sharing is what poetry is about.

Moira Richards adds: I'm a collab slut -- write poetry with whomever invites me to, in whatever form they propose, and usually with at least a half dozen different poets at any one time.



Silvery Streaks

colored candles flicker
one for every year
snuffed out

grandmama looks her age
refusing to act it

silvery streaks
leaps the loop
of respectability

singing with gusto
her songs of paradise
and innocence lost

she is a microchip

a cauldron of mischief
on that blasted heath


Note: This is a collaborative effort between Barbara Taylor and Moira Richards. Italics belong to Moira Richards; all else, to Barbara Taylor. 





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Google 'Moira Richards' to find links to her essays on Women Abuse, her reviews of woman-authored books as well as to other writing and editing work she does for various print and e-publications. She can often be found lounging about the staff rooms of, and -- usually sipping tea, sometimes Jack Daniels.