Ann E. Michael & Ric Hanisch

Ric Hanisch: This set of bookmarks is the result of an interest in seeing one of Ann Michael's short poems rendered in Square Word Calligraphy.  SWC, an invention of the artist Xu Bing, uses Roman letters composed within a square. The unfamiliar configuration of letters as characters encourages a fresh look at words and the meaning they carry. The letters within a word are read from  left to right, top to bottom and outer to inner. Words are read from top down, columns from left to right. 

Translation of Ann E. Michael poem:

Paper, ink, brush---
Snow paints trees
better than I do.

ArtFarm is the tag I use for graphic projects.

The second set of three bookmarks translates as follows:

Who hears the owl
Understands darkness
and hunger.




Ric Hanisch, designer/builder of work graphical to architectural, contrives collaborations as an effective method of continuing education. He abides at Last Resort in the Haycock of Upper Bucks County, PA with Mary and Lola the pup.


Poet, essayist, librettist, and educator Ann E. Michael lives in eastern Pennsylvania, where she’s writing coordinator and teacher at DeSales University. She is a past recipient of a PA Council on the Arts Fellowship in Poetry and the author of three chapbooks, including More than Shelter and The Minor Fauna.